Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India

Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India

Choosing the best laptop sacks in India to ensure your Laptop and different gadgets is fundamental, since you need to have the option to heft your laptop around with you without stressing over it being harmed.

The best laptop knapsacks and sacks make conveying your own things (counting your laptop, obviously) a complete breeze during your drive.

Regardless of whether you will the everyday schedule to work, the best laptop rucksacks and sacks are travel-accommodating and extensive enough to store your versatile fundamentals as a whole.

They will likewise be extremely useful without forfeiting stunning quality and in the current style design.


Observing the Best Laptop Bag for You

Assuming you need to take off from your home with your laptop, then, at that point, you’re presumably going to need a laptop pack. Obviously, you presumably definitely know this.

Be that as it may, you may not know which laptop backpack you should purchase. There appear to be 1,000,000 (around) choices out there.

There are so many laptop rucksack choices to browse that it tends to be elusive the best laptop pack to address your issues. That is the place where we come in.

Regardless of whether you really want a weatherproof laptop rucksack, movable shoulder ties, thin knapsack, a movement laptop knapsack, business rucksack or a sack that is additionally a rucksack, we have you covered.


List of the Best Laptop Backpacks and Bags


1. Half Moon Laptop Backpack (for Men & Women)


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India

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Half Moon is the merchants and makers of different sorts of Customized Bags.

Our item exhibit includes Backpacks, Sports Bags, Duffel Bags, Drawstring Bags, and so on These packs achieve the client’s determinations and necessities.

We give these packs in various tones, plans, shapes, conceals, designs, and so on Our sacks are known for lightweight, simple conveying, adaptable utilization, and tough nature.


General Information

  • Open AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Light weight and open laptop knapsack with 3 compartments. One compartment is for conveying laptop inside, with cushioning for wellbeing, and space for laptop adornments like charger, and so forth Second huge compartment for books, documents and all your everyday basics. Also, third compartment is for your additional stuff.
    It has arrangement for holding bottles on the two sides and has cushioned shoulder lashes for your solace.
  • Solace WITH QUALITY: This easygoing sack has Wide, Padded and Adjustable shoulder ties and Padded Back for solace in conveying weighty things.
    Sewed appropriately and Barracks on each tension point for additional toughness. Made with solid yet light weight polyester texture with weighty zippers.
    Serves the need of an expert office laptop sack, school pack, understudy knapsack, school pack and is reasonable for all, for example young men, young ladies, people
  • PREMIUM FABRIC: Premium Polyester, Stylish and tough rucksack for school/school and travel. Effectively oblige a laptop. Size: 45 cm X 31 cm X 22 cm.
  • MADE IN INDIA: Half Moon is pleased to be an Indian Brand. We comprehend the significance of Indian assembling and supply chains.
    It is the point at which we restore nearby enterprises that is the reason this pack is Made in India by Indians utilizing Indian materials.




This Product highlights 3 enormous zippered compartments, 2 water bottle/umbrella pockets, Rain cover, Laptop Compartment, Top cushioned Handle for solace.

Its ergonomics agreeable plan causes you to fail to remember the heap you are conveying


Cushioned Back and Shoulder Straps

This relaxed pack has Wide, Padded and Adjustable shoulder lashes and Padded Back for solace in conveying weighty things. Sewed appropriately and Barracks on each strain point for additional solidness.


Downpour/Dust Cover

This knapsack incorporates a different downpour/dust cover which can be extremely convenient. It keeps your assets free from any and all harm from downpour and residue and keeps the knapsack slick and clean for a more extended timeframe.


Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Half Moon offers great packs at least costs. We offers packs straightforwardly from processing plant to give the sack at least costs.


Extensive compartments

This relaxed knapsack accompanies three open zippered compartments which can oblige your note pads and different basics effortlessly. Store your umbrella, scratch pad and water bottle in this extensive sack and move around easily morning, noon and night.


Components OR Features

  • Sturdy MATERIAL: Made with solid polyester texture with substantial zippers. Serves the need of an expert office laptop sack, school pack, understudy rucksack, school sack and is appropriate for all, for example young men, young ladies, people.
  • Comfortable and STURDY: Its cushioned, flexible shoulder lashes don’t come down on the shoulders. Frothed cushioned top handle is kind with your palm and fingers.
  • Internal MATERIAL: The material utilized in the inward compartments is slender yet solid and tough thus, be guaranteed of its quality. Slim material is utilized inside to make it lightweight and agreeable in conveying and to shield it from wear and tear.
  • Loads OF STORAGE SPACE and POCKETS: One separate Padded laptop compartment. Numerous compartments can store loads of stuff, that excessively coordinated.
  • Different FEATURES: Rain cover, Reflector logo, Two water bottle/umbrella pockets, Secret-pocket at base for Rain cover and different stuffs, High-Quality zippers, Barracks on pressure focuses for additional strength, Ergonomic plan, and so on

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2. Lenovo Casual Laptop Briefcase


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India

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The Lenovo 39.62cms (15.6) Laptop Casual Top loader T210 joins water-repellent texture with a spotless, smoothed out plan to make a laptop case that is impeccably fit to present day life.

It offers a coordinated laptop compartment which easily fits most laptops up to 39.62cms (15.6). A scope of inward pockets for those must-have adornments, and an extensive fundamental compartment for books and different things.

Relaxed and in vogue plan; High quality, solid and water repellent texture; Large stockpiling limit – fits up to 39.62cms (15.6) laptops; Conveniently positioned compartments and pockets; Integrated gear lash for more advantageous travel


  • “Viable WITH 15.6 INCH LAPTOP”: This coordinator attaché aspect fits up to 15.6 inch laptop. Aspects: 40cm x 5.5cm x 30cm; Weight: 435g.
  • “Top caliber, DURABLE AND WATER REPELLANT FABRIC”: This toploader highlights in tough snow yarn polyester texture and smoothed out plan with a cushioned inside to ensure scratch pad and significant things
  • “Incorporated LUGGAGE STRAP FOR MORE CONVENIENT TRAVEL”: A completely customizable shoulder ties make it agreeable for the entire day use.
  • “Strategically located PADDED LAPTOP COMPARTMENTS AND POCKETS: The cushioned inside secures journals and significant things. Speedy access pocket guarantee helpful access
  • “Top caliber, CASUAL YET STYLISH DESIGN”: extremely appealing and ideal for school, school, travel and outside exercises, day by day suburbanites and a wide range of voyagers who simply searching for minimized yet snazzy pack. Numerous tones for decision


Components and Benefits

  • Easygoing and slick plan
  • Top caliber, strong and water repellant texture
  • Huge capacity limit – fits up to 15.6 laptops
  • Strategically located compartments and pockets
  • Incorporated gear lash for more advantageous travel


3. Wesley Milestone Laptop Bag


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India


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  • Product Type : Pure Color || Closure Type : Zipper || Gender : Unisex
  • Material : Snow Yarn Polyester Fabric || Handle/Strap Type : Soft Handle/Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Aspects : 12.5 * 18 Inch || Capacity : 25 Liter || Fit for 15.6 Inch Laptops/Notebooks
  • Two Side Water Bottle Pockets || One Main Compartment And A Front Pocket
  • Eco-accommodating, Durable, Lightweight, Flexible And Water-Resistant Material Helps To Keep The Interior Dry


Other Features

Solid and Lightweight

Planned with incredible quality materials that are waterproof, extreme and strong, this rucksack resembles no other as it includes a lightweight plan that is not difficult to keep up with also.

Accommodates Your Laptop

You can bring your devices with you to office, school or anyplace with this rucksack, as it has assigned extra room that fits a laptop of up-to 15.6 inches.

Ergonomic Contoured Shape

With a thin, smooth and minimal plan you will cherish how this knapsack can look little and smaller despite the fact that it has 2 open compartments to store your contraptions, books, keys and surprisingly a water bottle.


4. Polestar Vintage Laptop Backpack


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India


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  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Material: Leatherette Fabric 
  • Aspects: 44 X 32 X 20 Cm 
  • Guarantee: 12 Months; Package Contents: Casual Laptop Backpack
  • Waterproof; Laptop Compartment; Ergonomic Design
  • Shading: Black


Features :

Solace and SPACE

Two fundamental roomy zipper compartments, one front zipped pocket little embellishments, Laptop Section, 2 water bottle pockets and lattice coordinator pockets which keep your things coordinated. Flexible shoulder tie and Top Padded Handle for solace.


The Polestar knapsack is 100% make in India item which is made of excellent polyester texture, strong zipper and quality workmanship make it much more sturdy and durable.


solid knapsack with ergonomic plan and cushioned back board help to assuage the weight on while conveying . Flexible shoulder lash appropriate for the two men and ladies.


With solace and usefulness as needs, heaps of individuals currently use knapsacks for their regular drive — simply toss it over your shoulders and you’re without hands.

Made for the relaxed, yet reasonable office-going individual, this knapsack has the ideal limit with regards to conveying every one of your fundamentals on a functioning day.

Reasonable PRICES

POLESTAR offers great items at reasonable costs. We have characterized the items in pictures and depiction so you can pick the items with highlights you really want.


5. Fur Jaden Laptop Bag pack


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India


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  • Design : The knapsack includes a smooth and ergonomic plan with adjusted weight circulation through its ties. This makes this item an appropriate option in contrast to massive and unattractive rucksacks.
    The minimal plan of this knapsack assists you with laying it easily on your shoulders while obliging every one of your fundamentals effortlessly.
  • Utility : Black shading knapsack for people for slick office use just as for stylish school and school understudies. Gigantic compartment size that can fit up to a 15.6 inch laptop effortlessly.
    Various pockets for different embellishments and water bottle. Cushioned Handle gave on top of the sack just as cushioned shoulder ties gave to guarantee solace and simplicity while conveying this rucksack.
  • Make – Made of very light weight texture yet don’t let that fool you as it is quite possibly the most tough fabric and can undoubtedly take all the weight you stuff inside this sack easily.
  • Limit: 25 liters; Weight: 440 grams; Dimensions: 30 cms x 19 cms x 42 cms (LxWxH)
  • Guarantee: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.


Other Features:

USB Charging Port

The other fundamental element of this rucksack is its connected charging dock. Presently charge your telephone while you’re progressing. Associate your force bank to the agenda inside the knapsack and use it to charge your telephone.

Lightweight and Spacious

The rucksack is open and simultaneously exceptionally helpful. The heaviness of the rucksack without anyone else is 450 grams and it has an ability to convey up to 25litres in volume.

Cushioned Straps

Similarly appropriates the load on each shoulder with a fitting and classy shoulder lashes. The cushioned lashes forestall any kind of inconvenience or agony to the shoulders.

High Durability

Produced using polyester texture these rucksacks don’t wear rapidly, they are sturdy and adaptable enough to oppose wrinkling and contracting. The high tasteful nature of the rucksack makes it a genuinely utilitarian extra.

Various Pockets and Compartments

Various compartments make arranging more fun and simpler. Separate pockets to hold a laptop of up to 15inches and furthermore a pocket to hold a tablet, cell phones, charger and other such fundamentals. Keep a large portion of your possessions in a single sack.


6. HEROZ Harbour Unisex Nylon Laptop Bag


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India


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  • Material: Nylon, Inner Material: Polyester, Capacity: 25 Liters, Color: Air Force Blue, Special Features: Back Padding, Earphone Cord Support, Laptop Compartment, Water Bottle/Umbrella Pouch, Zip Closure, Padded Handles
  • Bundle Contents: 1 Laptop/College Backpack
  • Guarantee type: Manufacturer, 1 year homegrown guarantee
  • Conclusion: Zipper
  • Lash: Adjustable


Compartment Description

The knapsack highlights two principle compartments with zipper conclusion for putting away your effects and laptop. It likewise accompanies a side pocket to store your water container and refreshment.

The knapsack has a most extreme stockpiling limit of 28 liters which is plentiful enough for your every day stuff.

Accompanies Adjustable Shoulder Straps

The knapsack has cushioned flexible shoulder ties that give conveying solace. The back board is likewise finely cushioned for ease when you are conveying the rucksack.

This gives simplicity of conveying the pack when you are progressing.

Heroz Harbor Unisex Laptop knapsack

Raise your style with the rucksack from the place of Heroz Harbor. It has a dynamic and sleek plan, alongside the additional advantage of extensive insides.

Produced using polyester and nylon, this knapsack includes a blue tone alongside the brand name in front. It additionally has different compartments with zippers, two side pockets and a top circle.


7. ADISA Laptop Backpack


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India

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  • Movable Shoulder Handles/2 Bottle holders/Padded Handle/Reflector Logo
  • Laptop Size: 15.6 inches and beneath
  • Compartments: 2 with full cushioning
  • Aspects: LxWxH :  31 x 20 x 47 cms



Holding your sack on shoulder rather on hands helpful, to drive to your day by day schedule. Regardless of whether you are riding a bike, going by transports or getting trains to arrive at your objective, rucksacks are the most reasonable decision.

Not limited to laptops, rucksacks are becoming normal for universities, schools and exercise centers.

ADISA Light Weight Casual Laptop Backpack is one such multi-reason sack made with extra-enormous compartment and pockets to arrange each of all shapes and sizes adornment.

Made of lightweight polyester, it is strong, waterproof and simple to convey. It tends to be cleaned effectively or washed physically. Assuming you are searching for cash worth and tough knapsack, attempt this version.


Other special features

Optimal Design To Relax Your Back

Knapsacks are an optimal choice to convey laptops and baggage. To make it agreeable for every day utilization, going in transports and getting trains, the sacks are made with sturdy polyester texture.

To keep your back loose and liberated from torment, it has an ergonomic back plan. It likewise includes:

  • Lightweight and simple to convey
  • Solid and dependable ties
  • Cushioned Shoulder Strap
  • Movable Strap Length
  • Breathable Mesh Back
  • Sweat-confirmation and Airy
  • Impervious to contracting and extending


Huge Capacity and Roomy Compartments

To meet your everyday need, Adisa Casual Laptop Backpack is a lightweight, multi-utility sack. It is fit to use as a laptop sack and a satchel as well. You can either take it to the workplace, visit, or exercise center. It displays numerous capacities

  • Numerous Compartments and coordinator
  • More extensive base to hold more sorts of stuff
  • Cushioned laptop compartment, can hold up to a 15.6 inch laptop
  • Principle compartment to convey a charger, garments, books, headset and CDs and so on
  • Sturdy side pockets with versatile cross section texture to hold the water jug, sipper and protein shake and so on
  • Appropriate for school, office, exercise center and voyaging


Container Holders

Remembering your movement and exercise center necessities, the pack is fitted with two in number lattice texture bottle holders on each side of the sack.

Cushioned Handle

The sack includes a solid cushioned handle, for a simple holding and agreeable grasp to be utilized as a convey pack.

Quality Metal Zipper

Tried for quality and tension, the zipper is made of the metal locking with a viable pulling tie protecting the laptop and different embellishments inside.


8. Lunar’s Bingo Laptop Bag


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India

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  • WATER RESISTANT WITH 1 YEAR WARRANTY : Stylish and strong unisex travel laptop rucksack that is your ideal travel accomplice. Size: 20 inch X 13.5 inch X 9.5 inch. Limit : 48 liters. Knapsack is made of high grade water safe polyester material that invigorates it and tough for long haul use. a year guarantee for any assembling surrenders
  • MADE IN INDIA : This “MAKE IN INDIA” Product highlights 3 enormous zippered compartments, 1 zip pocket at front, 2 side container pockets. This is an ideal laptop, office, school, school sack for men, ladies, young men and young ladies
  • PADDED LAPTOP SLEEVE AND INTERNAL Organizer : Padded Laptop sleeve with holder to get upto 15.6″ Laptops. Viable with laptops like HP/Lenovo/Acer/ASUS/Dell. Inside coordinator to perfectly sort out and store your keys, links, fixed and different assets from robbery.


9. Gear Classic Anti Theft Faux Leather


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India

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  • External material: manufactured, shading: naval force. USB and earphone link opening. With Rain Cover : No
  • Waterproof
  • Size:18 inch
  • Limit: 20 liters; Weight: 560 grams; Dimensions: 48 cms x 32 cms x 14 cms (LxWxH)
  • Number of compartments: 2. Outer container pocket
  • Laptop similarity: indeed, Laptop size: 16strap sort: movable.
  • Hostile to burglary waterproof sack with against sweat texture on back and shoulder lashes
  • Disguised speedy access Pockets on back board ,Adjustable Anti perspiration cushioned Shoulder lashes , Padded Laptop sleeve,2 External Pockets, Padded Back Panel Cushioned with Anti Sweat Fabric, Embedded Organizer , USB and Headphone link space.


10. The Clownfish Faux Leather Laptop Bag


Best 10 Unique Stylish Laptop Bags at cheaper Prices India

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This jazzy appealing rucksack is made of superior grade, water-safe engineered Vegan Leather material. For the internal covering, we utilize delicate feel premium quality polyester texture. The metal fittings, zipper and plastic clasps utilized are of premium quality.



This full grown rucksack is planned with two primary stockpiling compartments. It has a different padded sleeve to convey workstations up to 15.6 inches.

It likewise accompanies an extra external zipper vertical compartment and inside coordinated pockets to store little significant things.

This shrewd unisex rucksack has cushioned handles and movable shoulder lashes for solace. We utilize excellent cross section on the back board with the expectation of complimentary wind current to give solace to your back and abstain from perspiring.



Ideal for laptop up to 15.6 inches. Aspects are ((L)32 x (W)16 x (H)42 cm .Total limit: 27 liters.



Quality of any laptop sack isn’t just contributed by great quality material, yet additionally by the utilization of good quality metal fittings and support materials to give most extreme wellbeing to your laptop.

We have utilized great metal zippers and sliders in this laptop shoulder sack. The inward coating of this laptop and tablet case is planned with premium quality polyester.

A solid padded shoulder tie is accommodated better taking care of.


Other Features:


Nature of the pack isn’t just contributed by great quality leatherette, but likewise by the utilization of good quality Reinforcement materials. Tough polyester material inside the sack, Strong Sturdy Alloy fittings in the handle for solidness.


To guarantee greatest fulfillment of the clients, We have utilized excellent hard products like zippers, locks, materials which are strong and engaging.


This knapsack is proficiently furnished with premium quality equipment which are strong and enduring.


What to Consider Before You Buy a Laptop Bag

Observing the ideal laptop sack can be just about as overpowering as observing the ideal pasta sauce. There are simply such countless choices. Marinara, pesto, Alfredo, vodka, oil, and garlic… Whoops, went thinking about something else there.

The fact is there are so many laptop packs—and pasta sauces—to look over.


The most ideal way of combatting overpower is to thoroughly consider a couple of key contemplations, which we’ve recorded underneath.

In case you’re ready to thoroughly consider these focuses and unmistakably comprehend your necessities, you’ll be well en route to observing the ideal laptop sack for you. In this way, we should get into it.


  • A bigger size: Increasing the limit gives you more space to work with, permitting you to utilize it for brief excursions, food, ocean side trips, and so on Obviously, the drawback to a bigger laptop sack is that it will be more bulky to convey for regular daily existence. (We’ll talk about size more in a little.)
  • Insignificant association: A major pail of a compartment will fit a bigger variety of stuff than one that is loaded up with pockets or in any case divided. An excessive amount of association—particularly explicit association intended for explicit stuff—can feel restricting.
  • A different laptop compartment: If there’s a particular compartment for your laptop, you can utilize the leftover compartment(s) for other stuff. We’ll discuss this idea more in the Organization segment of this aide.

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